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Low Back Pain,disc herniation ,sciatica- Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Educational video describing common conditions associated with and contributing to low back pain.

Duration : 0:5:28

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Erik Dalton Iliosacral Alignment for Low Back Pain

Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment Technique for treating sacroiliac joint and low back pain. Are these structural or functional dysfunctions and what is causing the pain? Muscles? Ligaments? Joints? Or fascia? Quoting A.T. Still, Dr. of Osteopathy… “Lean to fix low back pain and you’ll always have a full practice.”

Duration : 0:4:44

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Exercise to stop middle and upper back pain quickly

Manny from shows a quick and simple medley of three rebalancing exercises that get you out of pain quickly. Great for middle and upper back pain caused by long or fast running, cycling, and swim pull sets. Excellent post workout regimen for cyclists, runners, swimmers, and triathletes.

Duration : 0:4:58

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+1 416 481 1936 TORONTO CANADA. DON’T PAY $4000 or $5000. At out clinics DISCS ARE HEALED WITH THE COMPUTERIZED DIGITAL DISC DECOMPRESSION DEVICE WITH EMG BIOFEEDBACK …FOR A REASONABLE COST. Our results are excellent and often better than those clinics which just put on hot packs and then throw you on the machine then show you out the door,. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. A lot of clinics have them and will tell you why their fancy looking machines are better. This is absolutely unproven and simply not the case. Although our machine is state of the art and expensive, its use is not labour intensive and we do not believe in over charging our patients. If you come to our multidisciplinary clinic, you will receive top notch care from a team of doctors and therapists who will provide you with everything you need to recover from your disc condition. All programs include various combinations of Trigenics, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, osteopathic medicine and chiropractic if needed.

416 481 1936

Duration : 0:8:45

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