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IDD Therapy -Treatment for Sciatica, Disc-related conditions at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic

Do you suffer from sciatica? Do you have a slipped disc, herniated disc, prolapsed disc? Has neck pain or back pain taken over your life? Are you considering spinal injection or spinal surgery? Watch our video to see if IDD Therapy from the Sussex Back Pain Clinic in Brighton and Hove, an innovative non-surgical treatment programme for disc related conditions, could help you.

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Massage Secrets for Sciatica by Athena Jezik, Low Back Pain, Techniques Tutorial 2

Massage Secrets for Sciatica by Athena Jezik, Low Back Pain, Techniques Tutorial 2

In this video, Athena shares her secrets about how to relieve pain due to sciatica or tension on the sciatic nerve. These massage tips will help you give a relaxing, healing massage and can help you provide specific relief for low back pain due to sciatica.

Athena goes into further detail about her massage techniques and specifically how to do a sacral pull to stretch the dural tube.

The body will always move toward proper alignment when given the opportunity, gentle work and delicate movement will be more beneficial for the body and will help it to naturally unwind into its proper alignment and correct position. For a true relaxation massage, it’s important to respect the body. Deep relaxation from massage may require several techniques- Swedish, Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, etc.

Athena is a Cranio Sacral Therapist, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.

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Why you have neck or upper back pain

Effective self-treatment for neck and upper back pain

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Top 3 Exercises for Lower Back Arthritis, Stenosis, and Disc Disease.

Chad Madden, owner of Madden Physical Therapy, demonstrates the top 3 exercises for relief of lower back pain associated with arthritis, stenosis, and DDD.

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