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Lower Back pain Causes- Part 1

There are many things that lead towards the starting of Lower Back Pain. Lower Back Pain itself is not a disease but it is an indication of some other Medical problem which can be serious

There are many things that lead towards the starting of Lower Back Pain. Lower Back Pain itself is not a disease but it is an indication of some other Medical problem which can be serious. 1. Improper Lower Back Pain MovementThe most common cause for Lower Back Pain is the wrong movement of Back Bone. Back Bone is the most important and complex part in the human body. One should take good care of Back Bone. All the nerves controlling the whole human body coming from the brain are inside the Back Bone. In the worst case of Lower Back Pain, the patient loses control of his/her body and it is because the nerves inside the Back Bone are damaged. Have you seen the 2004 Oscar Award winner movie “Million Dollar Baby”? I think you got the point. People lift heavy weights in terrible postures making their Back bone weak and damaged. Back Bone is the only support between the Hip Bone and the upper body. Every thing stands on the Back Bone alone so we should respect our Back Bone which most of people don?t do.

There are different kinds of jobs that people do. Some require too much running around, where some require sitting on a chair all day long. Let?s take the example of a web designer, I personally know a guy who work online and develop Web Sites. His work require when to sit on the chair for many hours and he sit in front of his computer as long as 16 hours. Awesome, he is crazy isn?t he? Actually he is my patient too and he came to me because of Back Pain. I didn?t have him any medicines, you heard it no medicines at all. Are you thinking why? Here is your answer; the problem with him and many other people is that they sit too long making things uncomfortable for their Back Bone and thus generating Back Pain. This pain is directly connected to the amount of rest you are having in your daily life.

It?s true that human Back Bone needs rest but there is another scenario where you don?t sit too long but still have Lower Back pain. This scenario is where people do things in wrong postures. These wrong postures means wrong Back Bone shape which means terrible. I think its better to explain with some figures but PLEASE don?t laugh at the pictures that I have drawn because I am a Doctor not a Graphic designer.

Let?s start with the Basic shape of human Back Bone. Please take a look at the figure below.Please obverse the Lower Back Bone area. See that curve? This is what I am talking about all the time. This area is not straight so when you sit for long period of time, this area produces pressure on the nerves that are passing through the Back Bone and thus causing the mighty Lower Back Pain. Try to have a posture, whether it is a standing, sitting or sleeping posture, in which your Lower Back Bone is as straighter as possible. The best or ideal all positions posture will be like the below picture.

So now the question arises that How to position the Lower Back Bone in the above mentioned shape?Well there are few things to remember. First of all let?s talk about sleeping posture. Take a look at the below figure, this is not presenting any Back Bone. This figure is showing only the human body shape and it has noting to do with the Back Bone. Well to be honest, it looks like the person is sitting but I want you to imagine that the person is on the bed and is sleeping. Sorry for .Jshowing you bad drawingThe point is that this is the perfect position for all human being to use while sleeping. I have some patients who sleep up side down. This is the worst sleeping posture. These patients?s greatest problem is to change their sleeping posture. I had many patients coming back to me and telling me that they tried hard to change their sleeping posture but they cannot get rid of it and they feel very uncomfortable when not sleeping upside down. Many patients cried for not sleeping for many hours trying to change their habit.

This is the hardest part for all those who have the bad habit of sleeping upside down. You can also sleep straight facing the sky but to be a little honest here; I am a doctor right? So it is my duty to tell you about every thing. There is a long term disadvantage of sleeping straight facing the sky and that is, Snoring can occur because when you sleep straight, your tongue keeps on moving backwards towards the stomach. It is very much possible that this snoring problem do not occur at all. So it?s up to you to decide which the best sleeping posture is.

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Use Windows Installation Disc to Reset Windows XP Password

Forgetting Windows XP logon password is really an annoying problem. Although we can reset the password with a password reset disk, but most computer users forget to create a password reset disk in advance. Many users may re-install their Operating System or ask help for professional because they cannot find better ways. In fact, you can also use Windows XP installation disc to reset Windows XP password. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Start your computer from the Windows XP installation disc.

Step 2. Select Accept when it asks to repair your existing Windows installation, and then press R to run the repair.

Step 3. Allow the computer to start repairing itself by copying files to the hard drive.

Step 4. Wait for the computer to reboot, and then come to a screen that reads “Press any key to continue”. Do not press any keys.

Step 5. Allow the computer to restart the installation process and look at the details on the bottom of the screen.

Step 6. Press Shift +F10 when you see “Installing Devices” at the bottom of the screen. A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system.

Step 7. Input “nusrmgr.cpl” and press Enter at the prompt.

Step 8. Choose the “Administrator account” in the User Accounts screen. The User Accounts screen will say “User Accounts” at the top of it and will list all of the user accounts on the system.

Step 9. Pick the account you need to reset password as you prefer.

Once the Repair is done, you can log on with your new password. And your files and data should remain intact. It is a little difficult for common users to reset forgotten password with the Windows installation disc. If the steps above are too difficult to perform or you don’t have a Windows XP installation disc, you can still reset Windows XP password with third party software. It is very simple.

Windows password recovery software is another option for you when you need to perform Windows XP password recovery. This kind of software provides you an easy way to reset lost or forgotten password in any version of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008/2003 and so on. If you forgot Windows 7 password, you can choose some popular software, such as Windows Password Unlocker and Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery. They could create a password reset disk. Then you can use the password reset disk to reset Windows password easily.

Windows password recovery software not only can help you when you need to perform Windows XP password recovery, but also can help you when you forgot Windows 7 password.

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