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Relief For Stress – 5 Proven Ways to Fight Off Stress For Good

Have you ever noticed the before and after picture of someone who had a stressful job and their hair turned almost completely gray within a few short years? Did you know that stress (genotoxic stress) was the primary cause of turning those hairs gray? In this article we will discuss 5 tips to help you find relief for stress.

1. Unorganized

Some people find this to be shocking when they realize that being unorganized can cause a lot of stress. If you think about it just for a moment, it shouldn’t be shocking at all. When things are not in order it will automatic cause disruption in ones life. This is one reason why a lot of depressed people can live in the midst of mess and feel very comfortable. When you are unorganized this is the beginning stages of stress.

2. Lack of sleep

In a fast pace environment, sleep is one of the last thing to occur. Some people will fall asleep only because their body shuts down completely. Sleep should be part of our everyday lives as work or food is. This is why we should always avoid stimulants and sugar especially a few hours before bedtime. A lack of sleep will set you up for a stressful day ahead.

3. Exercise

By now we should all know that exercise lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and stress. Exercise  pumps up endorphins and decreases stress hormones, like cortisol. It also boosts blood flow to your brain which increase blood circulation. This can cause you to feel better about yourself creating a new you which in turn may cause your stress level to go down.

4. Relationships

Recent studies have shown that having an emotional relationship with someone reduce anxiety and stress. Some people find relief for stress in a pet or something close to it that needs care. Of course the opposite maybe true if ever you lose a love one or pet.

5. Comedy and Laughter

In the book of Proverbs it says that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine (proverbs 17:22). You can find a lot of stress relief through laughing. Have you ever noticed the mood of people at a comedy club? This is a great antidote to fight off some of the pressure life sometime bring. The next time you feel stress creeping up on you try watching a funny movie or your favorite comedian and watch what happens.

In conclusion, you can find relief for stress using any or all of the examples above. There is a reason why this condition is known as the silent killer. Let’s stop it dead in its track!

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Eazol Review – Must Read Before You Buy Eazol!

Are you tired of continuous aches and pains? Each day you barely complete the morning without something aching. You’ll get up every day, and your legs hurt. Bang your knee, hit your thumb, or get a throbbing headache. It is simply one irritating pain following one more.

Until now, the only way to treat these annoying symptoms were with drugs or other medicines that often caused side effects that were just as unpleasant as the pain they’re supposed to relieve! Finally, there’s a natural solution to those annoying aches and pains with Eazol; the FDA-Registered Homeopathic Pain Reliever that’s 100% Natural with no side effects.

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Pain – Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment for Severe Pain

You are not alone. Over ten million people in the United States alone have reported symptoms of Fibromyalgia. So, if you are one of the many sufferers of this painful condition, it is important to know that Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain does exist. And, if you suffer from Fibromyalgia pain, your doctor or better yet a pain specialist can prescribe treatment for any level of pain including severe pain.

Medication as Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment for Severe Pain

Generally you will need to undergo a physical examination to determine if you qualify as a Fibromyalgia patient with positive findings of 11 of 18 tender points based on a digital examination. However as a second opinion, Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine Harbor, at UCLA states that this useful concept is artificial. He further states: “We easily find more widely distributed areas of swelling, spasm, and tenderness scattered all over the body.”

Most doctors will prescribe some type and level of pain medication for Fibromyalgia pain treatment. Some of these medications include:

Muscle Relaxants. Medication, such as Flexeril, taken at bedtime has been proven to be a successful Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain. This kind of medication treats muscle pain and spasms.
Antidepressants. Doctors may prescribe antidepressant medications, like Prozac or Paxil, as Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain, as well. These medications for example have been effective at helping sufferers sleep through the night and rest is a key ingredient if you are diagnosed as Fibromyalgia pain.
Anti-epileptics. Typically, anti-epileptics are prescribed to treat epilepsy, however, these drugs have proven effective as Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain conditions.

Treatment for relief of pain can extend to (Tylenol, Advil, Darvocet-N); antidepressants; injection of local anesthetic with or without steroids into the tender points and trigger points; exercise stretch and intermittent cold therapy. Dr. St. Amand also recommends the use of Guaifenesin, which is available in a 600 mg. tablets, and reducing intake of aspirin and reduce the use of all salicylic acid products to zero.

One of the best non-drug products on the market is Tramaden, taken orally, this is a clinically proven pain medication that can be used to provide speedy relief to aching, painful joints and muscles associated with severe Fibromyalgia pain. Tramaden contains FDA complaint non-prescriptive ingredients including the highly powerful Celadrin and Bromelain for faster pain relief when reducing inflammation of muscle and tissue.

Topical Treatments for Fibromyalgia pain relief

A number of topical, non-oral, non-narcotic pain relief creams have proven very effective for the relief of Fibromyalgia. Menastil is one product originally produced for the topical treatment of Endometriosis and severe Menstrual cramps that has proven effective for Fibromyalgia pain due to Calendula Oil, which penetrates the epidermal and delivers it’s pain relief ingredients to the source of pain. The other is CorProfen, which once again has a penetrating agent to deliver its pain relief agent to your source of Fibromyalgia pain.

For more information about Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain, check out The Fibromyalgia Network’s website. This site can help answer many of your questions concerning Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain.

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Home Remedies For Neuralgia – Prevent This Naturally

Fundamentally, neuralgia is a disorder of, a nerve, or group of nerves. Moreover, the patient has to face severe pain in the nerves, and the pain is often very sharp and shooting. In addition, in severe cases, this disorder may cause so excruciating pain that it steals away the quality of the patient’s life. In such disturbing conditions, the home remedies for neuralgia may prove to be useful in leading a normal life. Furthermore, this painful disorder may affect anyone, but elderly peoples and women are more prone to this disorder; and fortunately home remedies for neuralgia are equally effective on everyone. Additionally, in some cases it is found that the cause of this disease was multiple sclerosis, which may damage the nerve, causing pain. So, the general practitioner may ask your family history while diagnosis. However, many cases of neuralgia have been treated effectually with the help of home remedies for neuralgia.

The prime cause of this disorder is weakness of nerves. Although, this disorder often goes undiagnosed, which is very pitiful because in later stages, it may lead the patient towards recurrent attacks of agonizing pain. The home remedies for neuralgia may relieve from the torturous pain caused in the later stages of this disorder. Furthermore, when we reach our senior years, the nerves of our body also weakens along with other parts of the body. And, the weakened nerves get over-sensitive creating ectopic signals (a nerve irritation), due to this, the cross signals between our nerves and central receptor becomes damaged, and this disorder grasps us. 

Our body will show many symptoms to tell us about presence of this problem, and severity of the disorder. Firstly, pain may be found in the same location along the path of a particular nerve. Secondly, the doctor might also ask about the type of pain you suffer from, for example pain may be sharp, stabbing or burning. Thirdly, another symptom is sensitivity of the affected area. Moreover, the affected area might become over-sensitive, or it may become under-sensitive. Fourthly, weakness in the muscles may damage the motor nerve, which is also a prime symptom of this disorder. Others include, movement might be painful, and pressure or even touch to the affected area may cause severe pain. However, there are many home remedies for neuralgia, but few effective remedies are mentioned ahead for quick results.  

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of chamomile, and 1 tablespoon of elderberries. Have this mixture once daily. 

2. Dilute the ginger oil by mixing it with eucalyptus oil. Gently massage the affected area with this mixture.

3. Prepare the paste of a sage, and mix it with the paste of mustard. Plaster this mixture over affected area. 

4. Prepare a lotion by mixing rose water with white vinegar. Apply the lotion on pain affected areas to relieve pain effectually.

5. This is one of the most effective home remedies for neuralgia. Regularly drink tea of wood betony. It works as nerve tonic. 

6. Mix half cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water. Apply this mixture on the affected areas with the help of cotton swabs.

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