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Home Remedies For Back Pain Not Associated With Any Side Effects

Most of the adults suffer from back pain at different stages of their life. Some people suffer from acute backache and some from chronic backache. Usually any person suffers from the acute backache due to injury of the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons which is caused by the excessive use of the back. In chronic pain there is a reoccurring backache. Sometimes due to the problems in some organs like kidney infection, prostrate problems, female pelvic disorder, bladder and also constipation, a person may suffer from this backache. Even in the period of pregnancy the backache is very common. Some other causes of backache are poor postural habits, strains, micrutrauma, muscle tension and nutritional deficiencies.

Instead of using any drugs to treat this problem, you can simply use home remedies for back pain. There are several home remedies for back pain and even pregnant women can easily use the home remedies for back pain as these are not associated with any side effects. Some of the important home remedies for back pain are:

1. You can massage the affected area with some herbal oil by increasing pressure very slowly. It is very helpful and relaxes the muscles of that area.

2. If you are lifting something then always remember to bend your knee first. It will help you in avoiding any type of damage caused to spine and back muscles.

3. You can use the juice of a lemon mixed with common salt. Patient should take this remedy twice daily. This is an effective remedy for back pain.

4. Garlic is also very effective in treating the problem of backache. If you take two or three cloves of garlic every morning then it will show effective result. You can also rub the oil which is prepared by garlic on the back to get relief. 

5. Vitamin C plays a great role in reducing the pain of the severe backache. In order to get rid from this pain you should take at least 2,000 mg of this vitamin daily. Within two days, you will observe a considerable improvement.

6. You should avoid smoking or taking tobacco in any form as these things affects our body in adverse way. Even try to avoid alcohol also as this contributes in increasing the pain of your back.

7. Your sitting and sleeping postures should be perfect in order to avoid backache.

All these home remedies for back pain are effective. You should try any of these, if you suffer from backache.

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Is Back Pain Surgery A Solution?

Do surgery seems the last resort to you to get relief from severe back pain? Well, the number of cases where the doctors recommend surgery is on the increase these days. So you are not the only one who is recommended surgery to get back pain relief. But before you go through the surgery procedure, you need to take extreme care. After all it is your back! The doctor may have several patients, but you just have one back!

Moreover, in such matters where the decision for surgery is the important one, it is better to go for another specialist opinion of a health care official. This is a must despite the fact that your family doctor is your trusted man.

When you go for the second consultation, you need to understand the meaning of second consultation. You are not expected to give the second doctor, the opinion of the first doctor. This will enable him to evaluate your case, honestly and independently without any biases.

Moreover, make a thorough study of similar cases through books or information available on the net. This may not help you take a decision, but still this will certainly boost your morale. Remember, each operation is a special operation, and different persons react to a particular condition in a different manner.

With all the precautions you have taken, and in spite of the fact that the operation is conducted by one of the reputed surgeons you still may have back pain after surgery.

There is enough evidence from clinical trials and data available from the past operations that surgery has proved ineffective in many cases. This is usually a case wherein the surgical procedure is not apt for the patient. One operation, and for the failure of it, another operation is not desirable, and sometimes dangerous. For those with suspected herniated discs, non-surgical treatment is advisable.

It is a proven fact that only one out of every 100 back pain cases is fit for surgery. The most startling revelation is that 67 % of low back pain surgeries became worse after surgery and 2/3 patients complained of more pain after the surgery. Some of the operations cost astronomical figure For example, lumber fusion may cost about $ 63,000.

As per the reports regarding the failing surgical operations, in some cases the patients were operated on the wrong side. You can well imagine its consequences. The patients will then suffer from what is called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

What is the remedy ultimately for back pain after surgery? Come back to square one. Proper nutrition, stretching, lifestyle changes and corrective exercises are the only solutions. These are the reliable ones that will not lead to any side effects. They will not certainly add to your misery. Who knows, you may be cured totally. The natural healing process within your body wants your appropriate support. Health matters are so simple; only we complicate them with our ignorance!

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