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Prescription Medication For Back Pain Relief

Many a times, you will find that the ordinary salesperson at the drug stores is as knowledgeable as the professionally qualified medical assistant. He goes through numerous prescriptions of the medical practitioners brought to the shop by the patients, and updates his day to day knowledge.

A good number of sales personnel from different drug manufacturing companies also visit the drug stores to add further to their knowledge bank. Prescription medicines are part of the life of the ever suffering humanity, with one ailment or the other.

Basically, there are two types of drugs. Over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. The distinction between the two is that of procedure and law. Over the counter medications are free for sale over the chemists counter. While the prescription drugs can be sold only as per the direction of a registered qualified medical practitioner.

Back pain medication is not the one that you can treat with the over the counter medications only. This is because the types and conditions of back pains are complicating. Self-medication for complicated diseases is fraught with danger.

So prescription medicines seem a way towards life. Your doctor is your friend. Follow your friend’s advice with heart. Don’t recognize your medicinal pills by their color only. Know their qualities. Question your doctor unhesitatingly about the contents of the medicine and about the ideas behind his prescribing this medicine to you!

You need to know how long the medication would be necessary and about the possible side-effects. Take proper instructions about your diet when you take the drugs prescribed by him. Don’t leave any confusion, in your mind and clear your doubts. Let the doctor know, how intelligent his patient is.

Some prescription medications demand thorough independence. They do not interact well with other drugs. The effect of one particular drug could be on a particular line whereas the other drug may react on your disease in a different manner. So tell all your details and previous medical history to your doctor.

If you have any problem with the dosage or if you had any problem with the prescribed drug in the past, it is your duty to bring it to the knowledge of the doctor. You are helping your cause by updating him everything about you.

Once this is done, follow the directions of your physician vary carefully. Don’t club your ideas with his facts.

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Acupuncture: A Clear Answer To Your Back Pain

If you are tired of trying all the treatments for your back pain and are still unable to find any relief in either of them, then you have surely wasted your precious time and money.

Ever heard of Acupuncture? Yes! Acupuncture is the answer to all your back pain worries. More and more people now a days are depending upon the alternative treatments for curing back pain. Even various physicians and health care professionals are advising their patients to take benefits from the acupuncture treatment and get relief from back pain.

Acupuncture has been used since thousands of year to cure and treat various diseases and disorders. There are many success stories related to treatment of back pain with acupuncture. Since it does not employ the use of any external medication, many people find it an easy and affordable mean of cure.

The treatment of acupuncture runs on a simple theory. We have two thousand energy points on our body. These points are connected with the twenty pathways or the meridians. Wherein, conduction of the chi or qi life forces take place. If any one of the pathways are blocked, back pain comes into play.

Acupuncture treatment involves the clearing of the above mentioned path for the proper conduction of the life forces. The process of acupuncture involves the insertion of anywhere between one to twenty needles into the human body. The number of the needles to be inserted depends on the age, sex and magnitude of pain to the patient.

Besides this, there are different ways of inserting the needles in the body. Some of them are made to rest on the skin surface, while the others are inserted into the skin. The depth of the needles range from one inch to several inches. These needles are then left stationary for about thirty minutes. The needles may be sometimes rotated, depending upon the type of treatment. This is done to free the energy that is blocked in the body. At certain times, the needles, before inserting are warmed or charged electrically to facilitate the process properly.

Apart from this, some acupuncturist also use the method of moxibustion (heat therapy). It is a process in which small amounts of herbs are burnt at the need of the needles to be inserted. These herbs help in encouraging the negative energyb to go away from the body.

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Cramps, Bleeding, Abdominal Pain, A Pregnant Nightmare

It is cumbersome pelvic, sometimes very acute pain at the pubis when
the woman looks forward for example, or it makes certain movements.
Sometimes, it also suffers from back pain, gluteal, sciatica (behind
the thigh), which hinder the walk. They are usually due and to
distensions ligament, especially those ligaments of the uterus due to
its increasing volume, to inconvenient and painful they are, these
pains are not serious.

Bleeding and cramping can occur frequently
in the first trimester of pregnancy also known as implantation bleeding
and may not be a sign of problems. This type of bleeding is usually a
bit earlier, spottier and lighter in color than a normal period and
doesn’t last as long and they are normal pregnancy symptoms that can
occur anywhere from 6-12 days after possible conception.

Here is a quick list of this symptoms:

The muscle cramps

Mainly located in the lower limbs, they are more frequent during pregnancy. They are harmless without gravity.

The joint pain

The pain of all kinds can also occur late in pregnancy, they disappear after delivery.

The back pain and backache

back pain may occur sooner and increase considerably after the sixth
month. They grow depending on the number of pregnancies and age. They
are due to both the hyper lordosis, the overload disc and ligament

They enjoy the rest lying, epidurals infiltration of
steroids, rather than anti-inflammatories which are against-listed in
the first 3 months of pregnancy and low recommended in recent months.

Quick Solution

Back pain can be improved by massage and physiotherapy, and gymnastics can be a useful adjunct.

Be Careful!

bleeding with back pain can be a symptom of miscarriage and several
other problems like molar pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies and should
always be reported to your doctor, this is a critical period for your
pregnancy and you should be careful.

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Is Back Pain Surgery A Solution?

Do surgery seems the last resort to you to get relief from severe back pain? Well, the number of cases where the doctors recommend surgery is on the increase these days. So you are not the only one who is recommended surgery to get back pain relief. But before you go through the surgery procedure, you need to take extreme care. After all it is your back! The doctor may have several patients, but you just have one back!

Moreover, in such matters where the decision for surgery is the important one, it is better to go for another specialist opinion of a health care official. This is a must despite the fact that your family doctor is your trusted man.

When you go for the second consultation, you need to understand the meaning of second consultation. You are not expected to give the second doctor, the opinion of the first doctor. This will enable him to evaluate your case, honestly and independently without any biases.

Moreover, make a thorough study of similar cases through books or information available on the net. This may not help you take a decision, but still this will certainly boost your morale. Remember, each operation is a special operation, and different persons react to a particular condition in a different manner.

With all the precautions you have taken, and in spite of the fact that the operation is conducted by one of the reputed surgeons you still may have back pain after surgery.

There is enough evidence from clinical trials and data available from the past operations that surgery has proved ineffective in many cases. This is usually a case wherein the surgical procedure is not apt for the patient. One operation, and for the failure of it, another operation is not desirable, and sometimes dangerous. For those with suspected herniated discs, non-surgical treatment is advisable.

It is a proven fact that only one out of every 100 back pain cases is fit for surgery. The most startling revelation is that 67 % of low back pain surgeries became worse after surgery and 2/3 patients complained of more pain after the surgery. Some of the operations cost astronomical figure For example, lumber fusion may cost about $ 63,000.

As per the reports regarding the failing surgical operations, in some cases the patients were operated on the wrong side. You can well imagine its consequences. The patients will then suffer from what is called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

What is the remedy ultimately for back pain after surgery? Come back to square one. Proper nutrition, stretching, lifestyle changes and corrective exercises are the only solutions. These are the reliable ones that will not lead to any side effects. They will not certainly add to your misery. Who knows, you may be cured totally. The natural healing process within your body wants your appropriate support. Health matters are so simple; only we complicate them with our ignorance!

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